The Ubiquitous Nazarene

The Nazarene is made up of nothing but stolen legends, stolen identities and a bunch of meaningless, worthless hypocritical and contradictory teachings. I don't think there has been a character in all of history that is as fictitious as this Nazarene idiot, and because he is a lie, he can change according to the times.

He was invented to be nothing more than a distraction for the masses, with the intention of removing all spiritual knowledge and power from the populace and placing it in the hands of a controlling few to the detriment of the all.

Christianity has survived because it always adapted to the times, just as it is doing today. The Christian church finally admitted insidiously that the Earth is not flat. If they hadn't, they would have never survived. That is just one of numerous examples.

Now, the Nazarene has put on a New Age face. The teachings of the Original Gods and ancient knowledge are all of a sudden attributed to the Nazarene. This is whether they come from Egypt [Some double-digit I.Q. individuals have the stupidity to claim he was a "pharaoh."]

In the 1960's and 70's, he was the ideal hippy. Now he is the great teacher of this new age crap and the "threefold" joke, which of course includes those nefarious angels and Judeo/Christian mysticism.
During the crusades, he was the Christian warrior, leading the Christian armies to slaughter everyone in their path- "Onward Christian Soldiers." With Islam, he still exists, but this time, as not the "Son of God" but as a prophet.

He seems to be everywhere and conforms to every trend, and every culture. Just slap the ragged poor professional victim on two crossed sticks of wood and there he is. The only thing that *is* real concerning this ubiquitous clown is the suicidal teachings designed to turn the whole of society into malleable slaves. The underlying message never changes.

This is analogous to a harmless looking rodent that brings in lethal parasites that infest the locale like what happened with the Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages.

Because he is fictitious, he can be made into whatever they please as long as it is done insidiously. He can be anything at any time and anywhere. On the one hand, he is celibate and the "Son of God." On the other hand, in order to adapt with the sexual openness of today, he now has sexual relations with Mary Magdalene.

Because new knowledge has come from the Far East, of course, he was there from age "13 until 30," as there is no written record so they can make up anything they wish. This way, they can attribute a lot of the Eastern teachings to him and claim "the all is one." Yeah, the "all is one" until someone mentions "Satan" and either there is denial or defensiveness out of these jokers.

Because homosexuality is becoming more open, now parts of the gospel of St. John, which were conveniently deleted, claim he had sexual intercourse another male. He can be anything at anytime and anywhere.

The Nazarene never gave any direct answers to anything. This way, any bible thumper is free to quote here and there, as they see fit. His parables fit any situation at any time and say nothing. They can be interpreted 100 different ways. Just put him on a stick and start pounding away!



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