The Real Truth About Satan and Living Blood Sacrifice

Everything the enemy is and does, they blame on Satan. This brings a lot of confusion and given all the energy put into deceiving, creates a powerful distraction. Hidden in plain sight.

In the book "Tree of Souls" by Howard Schwartz, the author reveals how Satan is AGAINST living blood sacrifice. This is even in their Talmud Sanhedrin 89b, also Genesis Rabbah 56:4 and several other references.

"Satan at Mount Moriah" Here Satan tries repeatedly to stop Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, several times.

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Satan at Mount Moriah


The Hebrew Scriptures record an account of a contest between the prophet Elijah and Jezebel's priests. Both sides offered a sacrifice to their respective gods: Ba'al failed to light his followers' sacrifice while Yahweh's heavenly fire burnt Elijah's altar to ashes, even after it had been soaked with water. The observers then followed Elijah's instructions to slay the priests of Ba'al, after which it began to rain, showing Yahweh's mastery over the weather and murderous bent:

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The biblical books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy are chock full of living blood sacrifices, and how to perform them. The Nazarene is the ultimate living blood sacrifice which is the focus of the Christian mass/service and cult. "Eat the body of Christ, drink the blood of Christ.", all straight up allusions to human sacrifice.

The Talmud is a rabbinical commentary and discussion of the topics and stories in the Torah. Midrash. 63 volumes of it just like an encyclopedia. So, just figure... Given two of the five books of the Torah are nearly all focused on blood sacrifices, and the other three also have extensive content regarding living blood sacrifices, just how much do you think those rabbis over the ages filled their Talmud with this?

The Talmud is highly secretive (for obvious reasons). It is written in both Hebrew and Aramaic. In addition to this, there are no spaces between words, and no vowels. Talmud study usually has to be taken up with the help of a rabbi or equivalent.

Jews, being the parasites they are, use parasitical magick and rituals.

Satan shows us how we can use our own power and channel energy using our serpent.

I also want to add here how Jewish sorcerers viciously abuse spirits, elementals and create thought forms, using the energies of these to carry out their agendas. Parasitism...

Human Sacrifice in the Bible

"Eat me...Drink me" The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder


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