Enemy Lies About Demons: The "Qlippoth"

All slander against the Demons and the Gods of the Gentiles or Pagan Gods, comes only out of the Jews and Abrahamic programs. All sources claiming the Demons are evil are from jewish sources and nowhere else. The Demons have been against Jews since the jews attacked the Demonic culture and the plan of our Gods to make humanity as the Gods.

As a result of the above, all information that existed prior about Demons and is accurate has been purposefully hidden. While there is endless proof surviving to this day of how good our Ancient Gods are [they were called Demons], the overwhelming enemy control of the press, media and academia, but also the occult literature, has purposefully hidden this knowledge from the public.

These lies that are constantly perpetuated are embed into many occult texts which have had their source and origin in jewish lore, mysticism and literature. All texts of blasphemy and incorrect methods of approaching Demons, have been authored by jews or are based on jewish sources, coming out of the main programs of anti-Demonic abuse such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The word "Qlippoth" means "Husks" in Hebrew. Those familiar with the corrupted knowledge of the "Left Hand Path", will be familiar with these corrupted jewish invented that always portray Demons as sources of darkness, death and destruction. That is only the jewish opinion on the subject and all of it is pure slander.

Thomas Hobbes, a infamous jewish Rabbi, expounds vividly on this on the source that can be read on the bottom of the page. He admits the crime of the jews was to slander the Gods of the Heathens [Non-Jews]. He explains how the jews defamed the Demons with their Biblical and Jewish lore, creating them into monsters and plunging them into defamation and cultural desecration.

Additionally, most of the “knowledge” about “Demons” of the Left Hand Path, has it’s core in what we refer to as the “Qlippoth” or the “Veil of Negative existence”, a hoax teaching perpetuated by another Rabbi that was named Isaac Luria. From these lies did spring forth a general wrong consensus of corrupted practices and blasphemous meditations, such as the "Qlippothic Tree" and other jewish gimmick. This Rabbi was only continuing on the core of jewish tradition, which is nothing but an anti-Demonic tradition. As stated in another page, the word "Demon" is only a very positive word.

All of the story of the Bible, is just a big hateful cultural reaction of the jewish people against the Gods of the Gentiles and their cultures, but also Nations. All the best and wisest cultures of the world are relentlessly attacked in the Bible, alongside their Gods, who are the Pagan Gods. The Bible indeed constitutes nothing else but a book of hate against the Gentile people and their Gods. Of course everything in these manuscripts that attack the Demons, do contain in corrupted forms knowledge and wisdom stolen from these peoples that these books so openly attack.

Rabbi Luria created all the lies and defamation of the Demons being "dead husks" and "empty husks", "dwelling in the realms of evil" and endless other lies.
The denigration of our Gods to the 'qlippoth', this sick filth, was invented by Rabbi Isaac Luria during the 16th century, following the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This expulsion was a major blow to the Jewish community. So major that Luria wrote of the 'qlippoth', looking to answers for the Jewish question, "If God is good, why is there evil?".

Unfortunately, due to jewish influence, all that the Left Hand Path had in regards to this was only opinions and lies created by the jews. Based on these lies, many people destroyed their lives or did at best progress nowhere spiritually, all while remaining disconnected from the Gods and only connected to jewish lies and false opinions.

The Jews have attacked us Gentiles for centuries. Especially our Pagan Gods. The Catholic Church, Christianity, Communism and much more are different faces of the Jewish empire.

In addition to all of this, the Jews have been at liberty to again, DICTATE and TELL us all what Satanism is supposed to be about, so-called "evil" and related. Jews always assume positions of authority where they order Gentiles about.

My point in writing this is many Satanists have been misled through this Jewish invented filth and extreme blasphemy against our Gods. Many who explore this trash through meditation and such have horrific experiences.

This Jewish invented filth has nothing to do with any of our Gods.

The Gods do love Gentiles and they treat them positively, so long they are treated positively by them. The Jews on the other hand due to their numerous attacks over the centuries, are hated by Demons. This fact is openly expressed in all of Jewish Lore.

Everyone who is interested in the Gods, must never, under no circumstance, approach them through the lies of the jewish people. Not only these techniques do not work, but they constitute utter blasphemy and false knowledge that might lead to serious damage to those foolish enough to do this.

The Joy of Satan provides correct and respectful methodology to approach the Demons.


An example of vicious slander where jews admit they have purposefully misled the whole world about the Demons, is a part of the work of Thomas Hobbes, the Rabbinical "Philosopher" of the 1600's, he writes openly in his work, the infamous "Leviathan" [3] :

[Book IV, CH 45-46]

"Of Daemonology and other Reliques of the Religion of the GENTILES. [...] And by that means they feared them (the Demons, the 'heathens of old') as things of an unknown, that is, of an unlimited power to doe them good, or harme; and consequently. given the occasion of the Governours and the HEATHEN (my note GENTILE) Common-wealths to regulate this their fear, by establishing Deamonology (in which the poets, as Principall Priests aof the HEATHEN Religion, were specially employed or reverenced) to the Publique Peace, and to the obedience of Subjects necessary thereunto; and to make some of them GOOD Daemons, and others EVIL; the one as a spurre to the observance, the other, as reins to withhold them from violation of the laws. [...]

The Graecians, by their Colonies and Conquests, communicated their Language and Writtings into ASIA, EGYPT, and ITALY and therein, by necessary consequence their DAEMONOLOGY or (as St.Paul calles it) their DOCTRINES OF THE DEVILS: and by that means, the contagion was derived also to the Jewes, both of Judea and Alexandria, and other parts, whereinto they were dispersed. But the name of Daemon they did not (the jews) (as the Graecians) attribute to Spirits both Good and Evil, but to the evil onely: and to the Good Daemons they gave them name of the Spirit of God; and esteemed those who entered the bodies of their prophets (The jews)



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