Breaking Free of Christianity

Have fear, shame, control and "sin" been used as tools to manipulate you?
Are you strong enough to acknowledge that you have been lied to?
Are you willing to admit to yourself that you have been a victim and that you need help?

Stages of control of Christianity in one's life:

The above is the loss of control stage.

One or more of the above indicates there is a serious problem. In order to find out if something is good or evil, we must give it power. This is what happens with progressive Christianity. In the end, there is no more personal identity. The victim becomes a shell and something else takes over. If you have gotten this far, it is not too late to get out and STAY out.

ALL hoaxes, lies, and scams have ONE major theme in common- that is a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Once one KNOWS, one can no longer be deluded and lied to. Billions of dollars, mass murder and above all LIES and FEAR have been used to keep us from our True Creator. Those in control have profited from the fruits of their lies for centuries and wish to keep their power at the expense of human ignorance and misery. Our True Creator, Satan, gives us knowledge so we can elevate ourselves above that of an animal. The false god and his alien cohorts look down upon us and wish to enslave us. Satan cares about his human creation and wishes to help us. The biggest step is to overcome your fear and study and learn. Once you know, Christianity and its false teachings can no longer be a threat.