Spiritual Warfare Tactics and Stategies

We are making impact. Our curses and information to the public is taking its toll on the enemy. We must work relentlessly and keep up the momentum. One does not turn one's back on a fallen enemy until they are totally and completely DEAD. Doing so and in most cases one will get a knife in the back or worse. People who advocate doing nothing, invite the wrath of Satan. They are worthless to say the least.

There are many tactics in effectively fighting and working to destroy the enemy. Here are some of the ways one can work for the destruction of the enemy. Also- I welcome any other input, as this is most serious:

Christian tracts, bibles and such that are pushed in our faces, such as at Laundromats, hospital waiting rooms, etc., write or place your own "tracts" in them: www.exposingchristianity.com and leave it with "Christianity is a LIE! Or HOAX!"

Stacks of Christian tracts can be discreetly dumped in the trash. I came upon a large stack some time ago in a waiting room. I dumped them in the trash, asked the receptionist for a large cup and went into the lady's room, pissed in the cup and made damned good and sure the tracts were saturated in piss in the garbage so no asshole xian could salvage them.

At the Laundromat, I have a pen always handy so I can write www.exposingchristianity.com in all of the Jehova's Witnesses' sick filth they have strewn all over the place. I also put other notes in there. People who like to doodle can also deface this junk, such as pictures of the nazarene any way you see fit. The point is- we are letting them know this will not be tolerated and spreading our message of truth in contrast to their lies.

Our Satanic tracts can also be left in libraries, placed in Christian books and so forth. The saying "The pen is mightier than the sword" works, but with this monster, we must do everything we can. Information has been our friend and has more influence than most would believe. I know this and have seen evidence of it.

For having to cope with Christianity in retail stores, businesses and anywhere else- COMPLAIN!!!!!!
Xians have operated with no opposition for centuries. Make sure you complain to the manager, district manager, or whoever is in authority. You remain silent and say nothing- this is a way of showing them you condone their presence and intrusiveness. I ALWAYS complain. Remember to be professional, do not raise your voice, get emotional, or use so-called "foul" language. In many places such as here in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is right in the middle of the shit-hole bible belt, it is actually a misdemeanor to "swear" in public. That is how bad and rotten these xians are in working to take away your basic rights. They must be fought at every turn. Remember- our freedom is on the line. We cannot afford to lose.
Be firm and to the point. If you fail to get a positive response, note the name of the manager, and take it to someone who is in higher authority, such as a district manager and be sure to note the negative response you received from the subordinate manager, his/her name, the date you spoke and anything else of importance. Write everything down. Let them know you are offended and will no longer do business with them, if they do not act to correct the situation.

Use the internet- there are so many e-groups and discussion boards- thousands of them. Yahoo has many Q & A forums, such as "Yahoo Answers." People ask questions about religion on there, including Satanism. Let them know the truth that Satanism is NOT about living blood sacrifice, etc., as so many are led to falsely believe. Just typing www.exposingchristianity.com in reply is a quick and effective way to make a statement and reveal what xianity is all about. This can be done - just copy and paste, page by page. All people have to do is to click on the link. The website will do the rest. When I was new to Satanism, I worked the atheist forums, where I argued against xians. Better atheist than an xian. I also worked other e-groups and put in a couple of hours every day fighting xianity. Satan has shown me over the years, my efforts online with the above were effective and influential.

With xian e-groups, do a copy and paste. Few xians really read the bible. Sow doubt, upset, disillusion and any other things you can to create havoc in the xian communities. It is best to copy and paste in many cases online as people are more inclined to read what is in their face instead of clicking on a link, though both are effective.

Curse the enemy relentlessly! Curse their leaders! Be a battering ram. Never let up until they are totally and completely destroyed. Our curses are and have been working. Things take time and must be repeated. The many curses against this odious program have set powerful forces in motion. Be patient. Xianity is a humongous monster that has unbelievable wealth and power. It will not fall in a day, but it will in time. There is strength in numbers. Just as a single ant isn't much of a threat, take an army of ants and they will strip an orchard in a very short period of time.

Those who work for Satan have his protection and will be greatly rewarded. Satan informed me on the night of April 30th, 2008, times will get much worse economically. He also said "Many people will die." Those who do nothing for Satan can expect nothing in return. The Powers of Hell are now engaged in spiritual combat and have no time to waste upon those who cannot be bothered. Those of us who are warriors for Satan will not only receive personal protection, but protection for our loved ones. The more we do for Satan, the more he does for us. The Powers of Hell were all freed from late 2002- spring of 2003. The enemy is now on the warpath big time. Natural disasters, plagues and all sorts of nasties are manifesting everywhere in the world. The humans who are that select few and zealous xians work in every way they can to try to make that biblical prophesy crap seem real in order to fool more of the masses.

As individuals, we must do whatever we are able to. People who are VIP's and cannot risk their reputation- use your area of influence! If you are in doubt as to what to do, ask Satan for direction. You WILL get blatant direction to work discreetly in whatever your profession is or in anything you can do that will not bring harm to your status. I know JoS has people everywhere.

For those of you who can do personal rituals, or participate in group rituals with other brothers and sisters in Satan- do so. The dates and times and rituals for groups will be given in the JoS groups and posted to the Spiritual Warfare Bulletin Board.

People who work to create Satanic disunity by harassing members, bashing other Satanic groups and anything else to create problems for Satanists- BE WARNED. Some of you are thick, as your dead e-groups and other misfortunes still do not seem to sink in. You are regarded as enemies to the Powers of Hell.
Mark: 25
And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
26 And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.

People who work to create Satanic disunity will be punished by the Powers of Hell.

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