The Truth About Angels

Angelic entities seem to follow the same pattern in dealing with people. Known by different names; "Watchers" "Guardians" "Gatekeepers" their true nature is to keep humanity from progressing in any way especially in the area of spiritual power or knowledge. They are like guards in a concentration camp; the "Watchtowers." Angels are human-hating extraterrestrials and their agenda is to keep humanity spiritually enslaved and without power.

Those who are without and delve into the occult a little too deeply will often meet with unpleasant experiences [again, FEAR is often used as a means of control]. One way or another, those who are without are often deceived into relationships with angels.

Of course there are variations, but here is what to look for- you will see this if you read anything about people's experiences:

I have dealt with these entities and they are anything but benevolent. They are bringers of death, misfortune and their victims of choice are children. I have seen this many times. People who get into angel magick are either extremely arrogant or their personal lives end up in disaster. One guy who was into this sort of thing was severely depressed and into drugs.

When I was a small child, my mother told me her parents had a baby girl several years before she was born. This little girl, when two years of age [they were Christians] would point and say "angel" "angel." Soon afterwards, she hit her head on the streetcar when it jerked to a stop and soon died from complications.

An Christian woman who was expecting a baby was visited by an angel. The angel told her that the baby would be stillborn. Of course, the baby was stillborn.

The angels of apocalypse dump fire, plagues and all other kinds of nasties on humanity.

Angels prey upon children, and take their souls to use for hosting energy that angels and other ET entities feed off of.