The Nazarene Thoughtform

We have written many times regarding the Nazarene thought form. Because of centuries of suppression of spiritual knowledge, many people have no idea what a thoughtform is. A thoughtform is an astral entity created by one or more people who have trained their minds and souls. To better understand this, please click here.
Please understand that one person alone can create a powerful thoughtform, but given the billions of people who have put their heart and soul and total belief into the fictitious Jesus Christ, this is drastically amplified. For the why of all of this, please read the article on the Jesus and the Jewish Messian Connection.

But just how did this come about?

Prominent Jesuit Ignatius Loyola instructed his Jesuits in meditation. The main focus of their meditations was total immersion in the Nazarene. [Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto‑Jew of the Occult].

"In this book, "The Spiritual Exercises" Loyola counsels his disciples to re-live in the sphere of the imagination all the events in the outward historic life of their Master Jesus Christ. By this method they are to force their imaginations to see, touch, smell, and taste those invisible things, and rehearse those incidents long since accomplished and vanished, which were perceived through the senses of their incarnated lord."

"If you are meditating on an article of faith, he would have you construct the locality clearly and with exactitude before the vision of the mind's eye to observe it carefully and closely, even to touch it as it were.."

Now here's on on "Hell"

"If it be hell, he gives you burning rocks to handle, he makes you float in a frightful darkness as thick as pitch; he places liquid sulfur upon your tongue. Your nostrils are filled with an abominable stench as of Hell itself, and he shows you terrible torments, causing you to hear excruciating groans."

"The exercises prescribed by Loyola are calculated to develop the powers of the soul..."

"The disciple has to concentrate his mind upon the accounts given in the Bible of the birth, suffering and death of Jesus of Nazareth, as if these were historical facts."

"His feelings and emotions are raised up to a state of higher vibrations; he becomes himself the actor in the play, experiencing himself the joys and sufferings of Christ, as if he were Christ himself; and this identification with the object of his imagination may be carried to such an extent that even stigmata, or bleeding wounds corresponding to those on the body of the crucified Christ will appear on his own body."

In closing, I want to add, if the average Catholic had any idea of the extent the Jesuits and high ranking Catholic clergy at the Vatican are into witchcraft, they'd crack.

This sort of thing has been going on for centuries. That scum meditates all day, every day and has a load of stolen material that was brutally confiscated from the Pagan peoples they murdered. Thus, the dire warnings against witchcraft in the Bible.

Above quotes taken from
The Tree of Life by Israel Regardie.