Exposing Christianity Mp3 Audios

The Bible: A Jewish Conspiracy and Hoax on the Gentiles.mp3 [16:54]

Breaking Free of Christianity.mp3 [04:22]

The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder.mp3 [12:46]

The Christian Program and Purpose.mp3 [05:03]

Christianity, Communism, the Jews and the Bible.mp3 [08:54]

Christianity, Genocide and the Jews.Mp3 [11:21]

Coincidence? I don't think so... Parts 1 & 2 -High Priestess Maxine Dietrich [About the Jewish staged Paris Terror Attack and Proof of How the Bible Was Used to Pull This Off].Mp3 [20:23]

Communism's Christian Roots.mp3 [33:27]

Copy of a Catholic Confession Primer.mp3 [08:09]

Destroying Our Past.mp3 [10:38]

Exposing Christianity [Main Page].mp3 [7:11]

Exposing the Christian "CHARITY" Racket: Billions and billions of tax-exempt dollars are allocated to advance Communism.Mp3 [10:34]

Exposing the New Testament.mp3 [18:12]

Exposing the Old Testament.mp3 [33:01]

The Holy Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft.mp3 [19:46}

How Jehova's Witnesses have been Publicly Predicting the End of the World for Over 100 Years.Mp3

Human Sacrifice in the Bible.mp3 [27:05]

Illumination on the Illuminati.mp3 [12:52]

The Inquisition: A History of Christian Torture, Mass Murder and Destruction of Human Life.mp3 [23:37]

Jesus- The Jewish Archetype.mp3 [18:46]

"Jesus" and the Jewish Messiah Connection [2:56] ADDED 21 June 2018

The Jesus Thoughtform Part 1 [17:58] ADDED 21 June 2018

The Jesus Thoughtform Part 2 [20:26] ADDED 21 June 2018

Jesus: the Worst Sinner of them all. Numerous Biblical quotes of scriptures PROVE that Jesus stole, lied and advocated MURDER!.Mp3 [25:02]

Mind Control Programming.mp3 [20:19]

Murderers,Thieves, and Liars: Christianity has Nothing of Its Own.Mp3 [08:55]

The New World Order and the Christian Churches.Mp3 [20:28]

Proof that the Illuminati is Christian.Mp3 [20:02]

PROOF: The True Purpose of the Bible is for Jewish Witchcraft [23:40] ADDED 21 June 2018

Regarding Biblical Prophecies.mp3 [14:24]

The "Society of Jesus" known as the Jesuits are nothing more than organized criminals, and assassins.Mp3 [13:54]

The Stolen Year.Mp3 [08:22]

The Subliminal Message of the Judeo/Christian Bible: Jewish Supremacy over Gentiles.mp3 [04:51]

Taking the Mask off of "Possession" [12:50] ADDED 21 June 2018

The Ten Commandments: Biblical proof of how Jehova murdered, stole and coveted incessantly ["A Murderer and a Liar from the Beginning"].Mp3 [18:27]

The Torah and Living Blood Sacrifice .mp3 [27:19]

The Truth About Angels.mp3 [04:37]

The Truth About the Bible.mp3 [14:08]

The Truth About Jesus Christ.mp3 [13:57]

The Truth about the "New World Order".Mp3 [13:28]

The Ubiquitous Nazarene.mp3 [04:03]

Why Christianity Attacks and Suppresses Human Sexuality.Mp3 [07:49]

Year Zero.mp3 [14:33]

YHVH: Taking the Mask off of Christianity.Mp3 [09:53]

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