Creating an Astral Temple

Making regular use of an astral temple can increase the effectiveness of your magick and has many other uses. Astral projection is ideal, but not necessary. A deep meditative state and visualization are the keys. You should construct your temple during ritual, where you can ask Father Satan to bless it. Meditate for as long as you need to construct your own place. This should be done after the invocation where you write a request for Satan to bless and consecrate your temple.

You can construct your temple any way you wish. This is your area. Visualize the outside of your temple first. This can be a pyramid or any shape you choose, and made of any materials you choose [they should be strong]. Walk through the door. This is your area. Create your own altar, carpet or floor, any size, shape or color. You can add anything to your temple that you wish. Burning lamps of fire, huge Baphomets, velvet walls of red, blue, or black, seats with cushions lining the walls for meeting with Demons, huge golden or silver incense burners - these are just a few ideas.

This is your very own private inner place where you are free. The more you visit this place, the stronger it will become.
When finished, you can invite your Guardian Demon and any other Demons you have relationships with to see it.

Uses for your astral temple:

You should first know the Demon you wish to meet with and have a relationship with him/her. Here is a place where you can communicate and ask questions.

You can also go there and focus on certain issues requiring psychic ability or communicate telepathically. To communicate telepathically with another human being, go to your temple at a time when he/she is sleeping and ’will’ his/her soul to your temple. Do this by visualization. When he/she is present, if you wish to influence him/her, separate his/her soul drawing out the light body and speak to the light body, giving short commands in the present tense.

If you wish to discuss something of importance, speak as you would as if he/she is actually sitting across from you. You can also tell him/her that he/she will not remember the actual meeting taking place when he/she awakens, but will obey all commands.

For those of you who are underage and/or cannot perform any formal ceremonial rites, an astral temple is ideal for this sort of thing. Also those who are underage can perform their dedication to Satan there. Satan understands this and it is just as valid as the formal dedication ceremony. When you are of age as an adult, you can complete this by performing the actual full ceremony.



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