Satanic Movies

In some of these movies, there is blatant and subliminal promotion of injustice. The messages are that justice is of Satan, so for the average deluded audiences out there, justice is supposed to be something negative. Fighting back is wrong, etc. Turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, enjoy your sufferings and be a perfect slave. This reveals a lot about how Hollywood tries to promote anti-life Christian principles.

Angel Heart [1987]

Bay Coven [1987]

The Black Cat [1934] - Interesting movie about Satanism in the 1930's

The Brotherhood of Satan [1971]

Cry of the Banshee [1970]

The Devil Commands [1941] - This movie is not about Satan, but is interesting concerning bioelectricity and communication with the dead

The Devil's Diary [2007]

The Devil's Hand [1962] - Another interesting movie about old time Satanism

The Devil's Messenger [1961]

The Devil's Partner [1962]

The Devil's Rain [1975] - Excellent movie

Firestarter [1984]
Firestarter 2: Rekindled [2002] - These two aren't Satanic, but are interesting about the powers of the mind and pyrokinesis

The House of the Black Death [1965]

The Initiation of Sarah [1978] - The 2006 remake isn't near as good. This movie may be hard to find. It's about a young woman who was adopted and moves into a sorority house where the house mother is her natural mother who is a Satanist and gave her, her powers.

Midnight Offerings [1981] - Interesting movie, but hard to find on DVD or in stores.

Night Monster [1942] - Again, not directly about Satanism, but this is real interesting about the powers of the mind and yoga.

The Night Strangler [1973] - Not directly about Satanism, but interesting about an alchemist who uses blood every 21 years to stay alive.

The Ninth Gate [2000] - Excellent movie- Highly Recommended!

The Omen Series:
Interesting series about the Anti-Christ. Most of us have seen all four and also the new 2006 remake.

One Dark Night [1983] - Not directly about Satanism, but an interesting movie about the powers of telekinesis.

Our Fathers [2005] - TRUE STORY that exposes the pedophilia in the Catholic Church, how the church used threats, bribery, lies and cover-ups for decades [for centuries this has been going on among every other ugly thing], to keep their heinous crimes against humanity silenced. Excellent movie that exposes the most corrupt institutiuon on the face of this earth.

Pumpkinhead [1988] - About conjuring a Demon for revenge.

Polanski Unauthorized [2009] - Although this is filmed in soap opera format, it is worth seeing. Biography about producer, actor, director - Roman Polanski who directed both Rosemary's Baby and the Ninth Gate. Anton LaVey [character] plays a major role in the movie.

Rosemary's Baby [1968] - This is a Classic!

Satan's School for Girls [1973]

The Seventh Victim [1943] - Another interesting movie; 1940's Satanism

The Skeleton Key [2005] - A Very interesting about soul swapping. YES- this IS possible and can be done.

Movies like "The Exorcist" series are Christian nonsense and direct attacks on Satanism.
For more information: Subliminal Messages in the Movies

The attacks on Satanism coming out of Hollywood as of 2016 are getting desperate. The shelves in the Video stores are lined with Demonic possession, and other nonsense designed by sick minds to try to frighten people away from Satan. Many of these movies also have added subliminals that are specifically designed to create terror in the minds of those who watch them, especially if they are open to that sort of thing. The Catholic Church is in its last days and is trying every ugly attempt to frighten the unknowing portion of the populace into going back to church and believing their lies.