Errant Thoughtforms

The most commonly known example of a thought form is the “haunted” house. For a place to have an energy about it, a very emotional event took place, usually a violent death or a murder. The fear, anger, and destructive emotions are so powerful they leave behind an essence most people (even the average person) can detect. There is no greater energy than that given off at the time of death and if the death was violent, the entire area can reek of it for centuries.

Thoughtforms create a mass of energy. They are the result of intense emotions and thoughts. Their lifespan is determined by how much energy is put into them. Continually dwelling upon something over a period of time gives the thought/emotion energy which takes on a form of its own. Every individual is different according to the strength of his/her aura and thoughts. Some people are born with a naturally strong mind and aura owing to previous lifetimes. Most people have thoughtforms attached to their aura. The results of daydreams, fantasies, anger, hatred, desires and so forth, when repeatedly dwelled upon, form permanent thoughtforms. Thoughtforms can be either positive or negative. Either way, they can interfere with a person’s thought processes.

When we meditate, we increase our energy. The thoughtforms we have, feed on this energy. Power meditation is a sort of cleaning house process. We can tune into and remove these, same as we can do with others who have attached themselves to our souls. Removing these will bring clearer thoughts and peace of mind. It is a healing process.

How to Detach Unwanted People/Entities from Your Aura

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